Stacking Montessori Toy Tower Natural

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Wooden Building blocks. Build a tower with as many “windows” or “holes” as possible - whatever fits your imagination, as long as you can see through them. Build two openwork towers close to one another - make them close enough so that you can connect them with a stick you found in the park, for example. You could also take a colorful thread and string it through the openings in your structure. Build the tallest towers you can imagine - just make sure their bases are different. First you can use block X; a different time you can put together two cylinders and make a foot-bridge over them. Experiment with whatever comes to your mind. Will each one of the different structures stand strong on the ground? Build a tower from all your blocks. To make a strong base you should use a bit more of them for the bottom, maybe 3, 4 or even 5... it looks like we have a new tower again. Do you have any more ideas? These blocks can’t wait to help you make them reality…

Made in Poland

 Dimensions: 32.8cm l x 8.3cm w x 19.5cm h • Weight: 1.21 lb

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