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Hello! My belly is filled with a pillow out of dinkel fur - you can take this pillow with the Zipper out, warm it up in the oven or just keep it inside my belly. It will work like a very thick blanket and will warm very precise. My Head and feet are filled with lambswool and my skin is made from cotton.

Material: Cotton, Lambswool, dinkel fur, Zipper
80 x 69 x 17cm

WARNING! Fire danger, do not heat pillow in the microwave, only suitable for warming in the oven due to fire risk. 

ABOUT THE BRAND (directly from the website).

Senger. Loving handcraft, sensitivity to the quality of workmanship, a high standard for the quality of the used materials and the awareness  of sustainable work have been
deeply embedded in our principles since  then.
The constant quality of our products made in Germany and their  wonderful
“timelessness“ build friendships and connections which last a  lifetime. We are also
happy to say, that our products put a smile to  many adults faces and give them back a bit of their own childhood. Our  experience has shown that the first toy in your life takes a very  special place and is not replaceable. Good, sturdy - and due to the  intense physical proximity harmless - quality is certainly a guarantee  for a long-lasting relationship. Senger products are not only cuddly  toys, they are a piece of very good, authentic and loving handwork with great sensitivity to the level of manufacturing and the quality of the  selected materials.
We hope you can also find a “Senger friend” for life and wish you a lot of fun with our
faithful companions.

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